National Lottery Syndicate Form

Before anybody creates or Joins a National Lottery Syndicate it is very important to draw up a lottery syndicate form which will contain a List of the players in the syndicate, their names addresses and the subscription they are paying. Your National Lottery Syndicate Form should also contain the rules of playing and include notes on what will happen if a player does not pay their subscription.

Creating or joining a Lottery Syndicate is a Great way to belong to a winning team, in a group the more lines your syndicate group buys the more entries and chances of winning everybody has!

Join A Syndicate Options:

Multi Lottery Syndicate – YouPlayWePlay Syndicate

National Lottery Syndicate Form Download

Set Up A Lottery Syndicate


To set up a lottery syndicate is fun but can be time consuming and quite often hard work. As you may already know it is actually possible to earn money from Lottery Syndicate Subscriptions to the National Lotto, EuroMillions and some very exciting Spanish Super Draws where every player is guaranteed to win between 1 and 3 prizes, I think thou if you set up a lottery syndicate yourself to earn money then you will have to be careful as if you are seen to be promoting the lotteries then you will need some kind of permission.

NHS Lottery Syndicate

There are already some professionally designed and commercial lottery syndicates online you may like to consider:

for instance if you are running a Hospital Lottery Syndicate for games like the Euromillions UK Lotto or Thunderball draws why not take advantage of the lotto syndicate platform and move your Hospital lottery syndicate and manage your members from there, this way you are able to earn a little bit of commission for your effort put into running a team of players.

Earn Cash From Lottery Syndicates

Jackpot Store LTD has taken away the need for a Lottery Syndicate Form with no contracts to sign, they give members great playing advantages with many entries and many more chances to win by entering one of the packages on offer which include -

The euro millions both week and weekend draws plus the millionaire raffle the UK Lottery both draws the Premium Bonds and if that is not enough all members get entries to the in house £1 million a day lovemylotto jackpot draw.

All members are given the opportunity to make money as an affiliate by introducing players to their Jackpot Store LoveMyLotto Syndicate to play when and as long as they like.

National Lottery Syndicate Form Download

The National Lottery have actually made it easy to set up a syndicate and provide all the tools needed. You can download a Lottery Syndicate Form PDF Document from the National Lottery website Or request a Syndicate start up kit detailing everything you will need to know about playing as a group and how to use your lottery syndicate form.

If you are running your own syndicate the National Lottery advise you to have a lottery syndicate form, as the manager of a syndicate it will be your job to make sure these forms are kept up to date, make you check the results and collect the subscription money and winning prizes and also inform those syndicate members who don’t check the results, exactly what they are.

Lottery Syndicate Form Tips

Here is a quick list of some of the important stuff to be contained in your lottery syndicate form and agreement.

The Date the syndicate form was drawn up.

Your name or who ever the manager is

Every member in your Syndicate should with out fail be listed on the lottery syndicate form.

A list of your syndicate numbers and which draws these will be entered into

The cost of the syndicate subscription.

It should also be noted should the syndicate win how the winnings will be distributed.

What happens if syndicate members forget or miss their subscription payment.

Should your syndicate have a big win it would be nice for all members concerned to have a choice whether or not the Win will be made public or not. You should always make sure the National Lottery Syndicate Form has signatures and dates and if you like, it is advised; get a witness someone like a Doctor or Solicitor. Every member should receive a copy of the lottery syndicate form for their own reference with the original kept in a safe place out of harms reach. Should the group or syndicate form change in any way, amendments should be made as soon as possible and new copies sent out to the syndicate group.

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